About COPS

Originally formed in 1984 as COMPS (Council of Medical Procedural Specialists), the Council was reformed in 1993 as the Council of Procedural Specialists (COPS). The Council is a committee of national procedural specialist organisations who meet monthly to discuss issues of common interest and concern.

Current members are:

Our Aim

To ensure the ongoing provision of the highest standards of procedural healthcare for all Australians.

To be achieved by

  • Supporting policies which value the importance of the doctor/patient relationship
  • Providing advice and support to member procedural specialist societies and associations.
  • Consulting with healthcare decision makers at a Federal, State and local levels.
  • Providing a convenient forum to understand the issues impacting on a range of procedural specialties.

Our Independence

  • COPS is funded directly by its members. COPS does not receive government grants or commercial sponsorship.
  • Our members are independent, self-governing medical societies and associations who represent their members in their area of specialist expertise.
The Council of Procedural Specialist - About COPS